by unstitched

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released January 23, 2015

Babs, Kevin, Rye, Jake, Brian Gallagher (recording)



all rights reserved


unstitched Pennsylvania

fast crust punk

a discourse in trans/homophobia/white privilege/patriarchy.

vocals - babs
guitar- meghan
bass- jake
drums (founding, recordings)- kevin
drums (Nov. 2014-present) - chris
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Track Name: Pro-death Texas
try to pass those bullshit laws/ but you don't know what you're talking about/ women will die from unsafe abortion/ trying to control choice is futile/ if you've never had to make that choice/ you'll never get it you can't understand/ go and say you're pro-life/ but all your laws put people to death/ kill 500 people in 25 years/ you fascist hypocrites should be ashamed/ I'm not ashamed but you should be/ I'm not ashamed but you fucking should be/ it's not your body it's not your life/ it's not your choice it's not your call at all
Track Name: Crucifucked
get asked a bunch of questions just wanna tell lies they don't get it what's the point of surprise don't want to explain what I live everyday they just want to judge and gossip everything I say / don't' believe what you do doesn't matter who's right it's not for you to say and I won't fight / your religion is a mask to assimilate and judge scared you don't know shit when push comes to shove I'll talk to you if your mind is open to what I say it's exhausting wearing a disguise everyday / don't believe what you do and I don't care you want to judge me and it's not fair majority privilege shove it up your ass
Track Name: Cannibal cop
killer pig rapist cannibal show us what you've got / use your power to plan murder I'll show you what I'm not / not a piece of meat a stupid beast a weak thing / you I'll kill you dead knife in head give me the key / try to slice us up your time is up it's time / and make no mistake you just wait you're mine / no compassion for psycho sexist killer with a badge chair fry him we're better off the world needs less like that / what happened to you? the things you do shocking sick I can't believe you've lived so long
Track Name: Terror
eternal threats on our safety and sanctions fueling aggressive standoffs a whirlwind of struggle for power while most nations are guilty of stripping their own people of their right abusing the poor and the neglected the powerless who cannot fight / victims of those privileged fuckers starving their own children but what needs to starve is the system that faceless monster guilty....
Track Name: Drowning
drowning in debt no hope to repay there's never enough but we slave everyday ... I'm drowning you're drowning we're all drowning
Track Name: Not funny
so you think it's funny to joke about rape? think it's cool think it's tough to make light of hate? I wanna know what it takes for you shut your fucking face I want you to know how it feels to live every day in constant fear I wanna know what you'd do if something like that happened to you I want to open your eyes with a knife and your blood will choke out your lines. I'll find out where you live. I'll stab you in your sleep. don't fucking test me.